Here's the list of questions that we recive most often from customers and those who wish to enhance their fertility. If you have any further questions that we have not ansered here, please contact us at: hello@fertiligycom

Questions and Queries

How do I take Fertiligy?

For best results, we suggest that you spread the capsules out evenly over the course of the day. This way your body will have a consistent and constant supply of the nutrients to process. 

Is Fertiligy suitable for vegans?

Yes, we are committed to providing excellent quality nutritional supplements that are suitable for many dietary requirements. Be this for religious beliefs for ethical concerns. 

Where is Fertiligy produced?

The USA. We share many people's concerns of unregulated manufacturing practices in East Asia and wish to support Amercian jobs. 

Does Fertiligy contain any banned substances?

No, we cross reference our nutrient profile against the list of banned substances issued by the World Anti-Doping Agency to ensure your safety.

Unlike many brands, we are 100% transparent with our nutrient content so you know exactly what you are taking. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

We cannot guarantee results. Extremely expensive IVF treatments cannot guarantee results, either. 

Fertility is a complex process, and while Fertiligy contains the nutrients that can increase your chances of fertility, not all results will be the same. 

How long can I expect it to work?

Many of our ingredients have shown to be beneficial after a 3 month period of use, and some ingredients have shown results in clinical trials after 6 months use. However, we cannot offer a guarantee that your results will be the same as someone elses. 

Is shipping free?

Yes, we provide shipping as part of the price and use USPS or UPS. It may take 5 business days to receive your order but could take a little as 2 business days.

Do you ship to any other regions?

At present we only serve the USA and Canada. However, the rest of the world is in the pipeline for the near future.

Are the capsules gelatin?

No, our capsules are HPMC 'veggie capsules'. They perfrom as well as gelatin but do not contain any animal products. 

Do you sell on Amazon or any other market places?

We don't. Unfortunately Amazon and similar website are full of poor quality supplements and many that are clone products produed as part of a 'private label' blend. There is also very little regulation meaning there can also be counterfeit products for sale. 

To ensure quality and safety we will only sell directly to the consumer. 

Who is behind Fertiligy?

The company is called MIL-TECH PHARMA LTD. We have offices in London and Houston. Established in 2019, we already have a well-regarded testosterone booster supplement on the market.

I am unsure about taking Fertiligy with my prescribed medications?

If you have any queries about the reaction of Fertiligy due to any pre-existing medical conditions and any drugs that you may be taking please consult a physician. 

What benefits does Fertiligy provide?

Our nutritionists have carefully selected ingredients for their multiple benefits associated with improved fertility, libido, hormone status while reducing oxidative stress. 

Fertiligy benefits