Yoga For Male Fertility

ben bunting BA(Hons) PgCert Sport & Exercise Nutriton  Written by Ben Bunting: BA(Hons), PGCert.


There are many benefits to practicing yoga for male fertility. It can help relieve stress and anxiety. In addition to boosting male fertility, it can help you relax.

Below are some poses that are particularly helpful. Read on to learn more.

Vacuum pose

One of the oldest poses to increase male fertility is the vacuum pose. This passive yoga pose massages the muscles in the pelvic floor, inner thighs, and sperm-producing glands. This pose helps improve the flow of blood in the pelvic area and promotes sperm production. Several benefits of the vacuum pose include improved overall health, improved mobility, and increased energy levels. If you'd like to improve your chances of getting pregnant, try practicing the Vacuum pose regularly.

While there are numerous benefits to performing this pose, it is particularly beneficial for male fertility. It is said to increase sperm mobility and sperm count. To do the yoga pose correctly, you should lie flat on the floor and extend your legs up to waist level. Keep your back and shoulders relaxed and keep your spine straight. For best results, repeat this yoga pose for about five to 10 minutes. You should be able to do this pose several times per day, even while doing other yoga poses.

Ardh Matsyendrasana

One of the most common ways to improve male fertility is through the practice of yoga. Various asanas help to strengthen the pelvic floor, improve the mobility of sperm, and increase the man's overall flexibility. In addition to its many physical benefits, this exercise can help men avoid stress and anxiety, which are common causes of a low sperm count. Here are some of these postures.

This posture strengthens the spine by lengthening the spinal cord and promoting proper blood flow. It can also improve the functioning of the liver and pancreas. While practicing the pose, it can also help men maintain a healthy pelvic area. This pose can be practiced daily and can help a man increase his sperm count. It can also improve the man's flexibility and improve his overall well-being.

Vajroli Mudra

The Vajroli Mudra is a practice that improves sexual energy and promotes fertility in men. In addition to increasing sex drive, this posture also increases the body's ability to control ejaculation. The Vajra nadi is associated with a number of benefits, from clarity and intellect to improved intuition and creativity. It has been praised by both men and women in a variety of health and fitness magazines.

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The practice of Vajroli is part of the Shatkarma Sangraha. The technique involves years of preparation and begins with contraction of the uro-genital muscles and the sucking up of liquids. It is also a part of maithuna, a type of yogic intercourse that is supposed to re-assimilate sexual energy. In addition to enhancing sex drive, Vajroli Mudra also has numerous spiritual benefits, including awakening Kundalini.


Do you practice Vajrasana yoga for sexual health? If you don't, then you're missing out on a very beneficial pose. This yogic posture strengthens the torso and abdomen while stimulating the prostate gland. It has been found to improve libido and sexual health, and it's also good for your mood and reduces stress. You'll be surprised at how powerful this pose can be!

Vajrasana, or the bow pose, helps men get the best of all worlds. Not only does it stimulate the urogenital system and strengthen the inner thigh muscles, but it also promotes reproductive health. As it works to boost the flow of prana energy in the genital area, this pose also improves the function of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. As a result, it is particularly effective for boosting male fertility.

Yoga may improve sperm motility

A new study has shown that the traditional practice of yoga may improve the quality of sperm. The results are correlated with changes in the DNA sequence, physical movements, and chemical reactions. Infertile men may not be aware of the negative effects of social and lifestyle habits on sperm. Yoga helps men improve the motility of their sperm by increasing their sperm count. These findings are proving that yoga has numerous benefits to male fertility.

A series of poses known as Surya Namaskar are also beneficial in improving sperm mobility. One such pose is the bridge pose. This pose requires you to raise your pelvis and breathe deeply while keeping your back straight. This improves pelvic circulation and increases sperm mobility. It's best to repeat this exercise at least twice a day. You'll be amazed at how much difference a few minutes of yoga can make to your chances of getting pregnant.

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